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In an era of tightening cost constraints and increased patient input into their care, positive patient experiences are more important than ever.  Research has shown a direct link between patient experiences and a hospital’s financial performance and occupancy.   More importantly, all aspects of the patient experience, from scheduling an appointment through discharge and after care, can ultimately affect a patient’s likelihood to return to your facility and use the facility for multiple services.

CAHPS surveys are required of hospitals by government agencies.  Market Probe’s Px solution is different.  It covers all patients; its feedback is timely and relevant; it can be customized; and it helps management to take immediate corrective action.

Circle of Patient


  • HIPAA compliant
  • End-to-end solution
  • Seamless process demanding less hospital staff time
  • Use of digital solutions
  • Annual contracts with monthly updates of results
  • Accessible online reporting system
  • Benchmarks at no cost
  • Complex hierarchies for hospital systems can be accommodated
  • Patient insights for process improvements: key drivers; satisfaction versus dissatisfaction
  • Discounts for Hospital Systems

An Affordable Cost for Hospitals

(Annual Charges)

Size Less Than 100 Beds 100 to 300 Beds 301 to 500 Beds Small Systems Large Systems
Price Per Hospital $1,900 $3,900 $4,900 15% Discount of total Price Ask for Pricing
# of Surveys Sent 2,000 10,000 18,000    

For a topical outline of the survey, list of custom features, and preview of the dashboard, click here.

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For more information, contact: Jordan Ellison 414-301-6357 or Px@marketprobe.com.