Our Technology

Faster delivery means greater utilization of information and action.

Digital Media

New media offer benefits to CEM programs:

  • Unlimited feedback
  • Coverage of all customer experiences
  • Cost Effective
  • Facilitates operational focus

Data Processing

CEM serves as continuous decision support for customer facing staff:

  • Daily Reporting
  • Employee Level Reporting
  • Hot Alerts – WOW Alerts
  • Data Visualization
  • Customer Listening

Customer Analytics

Communicate the storyline to drive loyalty:

  • Stages of ownership that need attention
  • New service or marketing initiatives
  • Allocation of resources

Provide guidance for customer facing staff

Reports Should Meet Client Needs

Insight Manager is Market Probe’s enterprise feedback system:

  • Scalable and configurable
  • Multilingual
  • Accommodates complex hierarchies
  • Multiple CEM surveys in a single platform
  • Dashboards for executive suite and details for operational suite
  • Historical data restated based on newest hierarchy
  • Export to PowerPoint, Excel and PDF
  • Secure user interface with defined access
  • Easy to train and user friendly
  • 24/7 Help Desk

Our Clients Hold the Key

Most CEM programs have common features.  Each client has unique business requirements.  We value both in designing your CEM solution.


  • Migration to New Digital Media
  • Calibration of CEM Metrics
  • Configurable Reporting Solutions
  • Best of Both Worlds:  Technology & Consulting

Technology Partners and Core Competency

We partner with solution specialists for the benefit of our clients.